Executive Search

Our goal is to find the right leader that can drive an everlasting positive impact on your company. Each search is specially customised to your needs and objectives.

Professional Recrultment

From middle to upper levels of management, we are equipped with the needed expertise to identify and attract professionals, from a myriad of industries, to fill in your talent gaps.

Contract Recruitment

We can recruit qualified contract employees to meet your short-term demands and to accomplish your critical project goals.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

With our individually tailored RPO service, we can help you cost-effectively recruit the required professionals to grow your business.

One stop solution expert

for enterprises seeking a Southeast Asia presence

Southeast Asia has become the fastest growing Internet region in the world since 2018, and the scale of the Internet economy is expected to increase sevenfold in the next seven years.

As a bridge between the IT industry of China and Singapore, Dada provide accurate local industry analysis and customized recruitment services for Internet companies sailing to Southeast Asia.